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Period: Apr-June 2017
Training Title: Mobile Apps for iPads
Start Date: 04/21/2017
End Date: 04/21/2017
Time: Day One: 10am - 3pm
Type: Assistive Computer Technology
Seating: 0
Trainer: Stacey Kayden
Location (Google Map Link): Victor Valley College
Off-Site Contact: Jacqueline Stahlke (760) 245-4271 ext:2765
Off-Site College: Victor Valley College 18422 Bear Valley Rd. Victor
Description: Through this training we will explore how various apps can assist both teachers and students with making information more accessible. We will explore apps for math, reading, writing, and organization. Training will provide both demonstration and hands-on practice.
Reimbursement Level: Please be advised that reimbursement will not be provided.

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